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ADHD – the future

Here are the thoughts of Dr. Michael Valentine:

“Today more and more students at younger ages are coming to school with their IEP's [Individualized Education Plans] telling teachers and administrators they can't control themselves because they have ADHD. Many educators are already experiencing students who tell them they don't have to behave today because they have forgotten their medication. When these out of control impulsive children have children (probably at a young age), how will these children be raised? Naturally when this second or third generation of children then act out impulsively, a medical model oriented researcher will draw the conclusion--like they already have--this disease runs in the family and it is "genetic”!”

Michael Valentine Online – Challenging ADHD

‘ADHD’ – The Next Generation. Time for me to head for the exit…

Six months ago, I knew absolutely nothing about ‘ADHD’. Now I know at least something.

As you would expect from the internet, there’s a mind bogglingly huge amount of information available out there, but I’m satisfied that what I’ve viewed personally is an adequate representative sample. It’s certainly enough for me.

So, from the something I now know about ‘ADHD’, I will give you my opinion of it.

I will NOT be entering into any discussion about my opinion (or about how it has been formed) with anyone. If you want to argue with me, I will simply refer you back to this report. I suggest that you think for yourself, make your own enquiries if you want to (including through the links in this report), and make up your own mind. It doesn’t bother me in the least if you disagree with my opinion and you’re perfectly free to ignore it.

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