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ADHD statistics

“According to [neurologist Dr. Fred] Baughman, 500,000 children [in the USA] were diagnosed ADHD in 1985 and between 5 and 7 million were today.

Substantial growth has also been reported in Australia, a country of just 19 million people, where it's estimated that at least 50,000 children are now on drugs prescribed for ADHD.”

”University of Queensland figures show that legal use of dexamphetamine in Australia has risen from 8.3 million tablets prescribed in 1984 to 38.4 million tablets in 2001. Over the same period Ritalin prescriptions rose from 1.5 million tablets to 19.3 million.”

Is that spooky, or what?

ADD / ADHD /Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Well, over the past six months, I’ve done some ‘due diligence’ on the subject of ‘ADHD’, as much as I can hack, in fact. It’s a crappy subject.

Now I’m returning to my world of positive, creative parenting, where the sun is shining and the sky is blue and the inhabitants believe in the power of true love, so here is a parting overview of my enquiries into the life and times of ‘ADHD’.

By the way, my use of the phrase ‘Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder’ and its acronym ‘ADHD’ throughout this report should be taken to include and also represent the phrase ‘Attention Deficit Disorder’ and its acronym ‘ADD’ and ALL the variations of these phrases in common usage.

I strongly recommend that you read the original documents from which I’ve extracted information for use in this report, not only because there is usually a lot more information to be obtained from them, of course, but also to understand the context of the information. It can often be very important, sometimes crucial.

DON’T TAKE MY WORD FOR ANYTHING. Think for yourself! Be as skeptical as you like. At the end of this report, I’ll give you my PERSONAL opinion of ‘ADHD’ – which you are welcome to agree with, disagree with or ignore, as you so desire! In the meantime, please read on and discover something of what I’ve discovered...

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